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About the Corpus of Khmer Inscriptions
  No SEA Country's transition to history is better documented than Cambodia. More than 1,200 Khmer and Sanscrit Inscription have been found across a broad swath of  the Mekong delta Region. Spanning the 6th to the 19th Centuries, they provide first-hand evidence of Ancient and medieval Khmer history, Culture, Language, and Art ....

SEAclassics old Khmer Corpus of the Inscription
SEAclassics Khmer Dictionary, Analysis ,Old Khmer Bitext Corpus, Image, Reference
About the Old Khmer Bitext Corpus :   This bitext corpus consists of Old Khmer texts translated by Philip  Jenner, and included in his Dictionary series.
 About the Dictionary of Old Khmer:   This site explores and maintains Prof. Phillip Jenner's Dictionary of Pre-Angkorian Khmer and Dictionary of Angkorian Khmer (Pacific Linguistics, 2009).  It also serves as a test site for two new projects:
 About the Old Khmer Analyzed Inscription : This collection consists of Old Khmer inscriptions translated and analyzed by Philip Jenner.  Print publication is planned for 2010.
 About the SEAclassics Old Khmer Images : These images are scanned from a variety of sources, including Finot, Barthe, Bergaigne, Coedes, Pou, Jacques, the BEFEO, and the UNESCO-funded book. 

A MANUAL OF PRE-ANGKORIAN KHMER The Dated of Inscriptions what choose a chapter or inscription to begin and K numbers. By the way, In this chooses have much more functions like, Khmer texts, English texts, Information, Romanization, Translation, and Explanation,......BY   Philip N. Jenner 
The Khmer Inscription with the multi-searches for more detailsSome Inscriptions are in this website, what we can search such as, Khmer texts, and English texts.  especially, they have more details about the areas, date, k numbers too.
 Corpus of Khmer Inscription 
More than one definitions  in this link are very broad for us to save and share for all. 
 Inscription from professor  Cha-em Kaeokhlai  in Thailand
The Inscriptions in Thailand Database. This website displays the main information as follows: .
The information search icon as shown. texts in Thai language.

 Inscription from professor  Cha-em Kaeokhlai  in Thailand
 The Inscriptions in Thailand Database. This website displays the main information as follows: .
texts in English...... -


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